Finding the perfect custom hood range can be challenging these days. While more and more brands aim to offer different colors and designs, the truth is the overall appearance will always be the same. But not anymore!

At Modern Copper, we provide a wide range of custom range hood designs, suitable for any type of kitchen, from old school square lines to beautiful curves that can complement your kitchen in a unique manner. It’s time to refresh your kitchen with something that can actually stand out in the crowd.

Our decorative range hoods are widely diversified. The Cade line is sophisticated and sleek, but it also features sweeping lines that reduce the square appearance associated with kitchens, whether it’s the stove or the cabinet lines.

The Archer line, on the other hand, comes with a concave line that imitates the classic barrel design in a sleek and round manner. All of our lines feature beautiful copper trims in various styles and colors.

All it takes is a message to one of our consultants before placing the order.

Our decorative vent hood styles come in more colors and styles. While black and white are the most common options and can easily match most styles, we also provide rough designs featuring a more metallic appearance.

Just remember that no matter what kind of modern kitchen hood you’re into, all of our designs can be customized in the smallest details. Apart from sizing standards, you can also customize the overall color and appearance, as well as the trim.

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