The Gator Directory is a trusted resource for businesses and consumers alike, allowing users to connect with local businesses based on their needs. By giving companies categories such as ‘perfect wedding venue’ and ‘local plumbers’ consumers can easily find the best local services available in their town.

Here are some of the questions we get from gator users and businesses who list with us. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please click the button below and contact us.

Is it really Free?

Yes, it is! You can list your company here for free without any charge. However, you don’t get to use the functionalities other packages offer.

How does promo video work?

We collect 10-15 combinations of videos and images from you and make a 15-sec promo video that we upload to Gator’s youtube channel. You can get the link and use it however you like. 

After the completion of the video, we upload your video to your listing page. 

Is my payment protected?

The site is protected by an SSL security layer + we use Paypal to process all the payments safely and securely. 


How does it help my business?

There are many ways Gator helps you grow your business! For example, we are a local directory that sends a signal (backlink) to google when you list your business on our platform. Basically, this signal tells search engines that your business should be recognized.

One other main benefit is that depending on the package you choose, you may be featured on our blog posts, top pages, and supposed ads. Which will help locals to discover your business.

Do you have a USA based customer support?

Yes, all our team members are located in or around Austin, Texas to provide timely customer service and great experience. 

What does SEO optimized listing mean?

It is a process to rank your listing to appear higher on search engines such as Google.

What is a Verified badge?

It is a badge that appear right next to your company. This badge indicates that the listing has been checked by our team.

Wha doest Analytics Dashboard mean?

Gator directory provides a transparent, and easy to understand dashboard where you can see your listing stats such as Views, Clicks, Top Referrers and more. 

Depending on the package, we will feature your business on our top blog posts and the home page under "Sponsored Listings" sections.