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List Of Best Martial Arts Schools In Pflugerville

We found the Best Martial Arts Schools In Pflugerville for you! Many locals have been asking us to come up with a list of the best schools for training in Pflugerville. It wasn’t easy to make this list as there are many great academies for both adults and kids in Pflugerville, Texas. The Gator team took reviews, locations, and some other factors to determine who is going to make it to the list. Let’s dive in…


Pragma is a Jiu Jitsu school that offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes In Hutto and Pflugerville by a 4-stripe Brazilian black belt Daniel Andrade. The school is located between Hutto and Pflugerville which makes it a perfect choice for anyone in either city. They have amazing Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai classes that provide laser-focused teaching for every student. One of the other benefits of going to Pragma is its accessibility! The school has a pretty big parking lot that makes many families very happy. 

Premier Martial Arts Pflugerville

Premier Martial Arts Pflugerville is a great school with many different programs. They offer kids martial arts, adult martial arts, karate, krav maga, and kickboxing for Pflugerville residents. It is a pretty decent size with a parking lot in the front. The school currently has almost 5 stars and seems like its students enjoy the classes very much. One of the unique services they provide is a parent’s night out. You can enjoy your time out while they entertain your kids. 

Rise Martial Arts

They offer adults and kids Martial Arts classes in Pflugerville that are focused on giving your students the tools they need to protect themselves meanwhile develop skills like focus, discipline, respect, and more! This school is a perfect place to make friends, have great fun, and crush your fitness goals. Rise Martial Arts currently maintain 100+ 5-star reviews and seems like they will be getting more positive feedback in the future. 

Fire Dragon Martial Arts

I​f you’re looking for high-quality and personal service, Fire Dragon Martial Arts is the right place. They offer great martial art classes under Grandmaster Moses Williams & Grandmaster Jeff Richardson who care about their students and school teachings.  
At Fire Dragon Martial Arts Institute, They want to give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

Champions Way Martial Arts

Champions Way Martial Arts is the school to learn TAEKWONDO and KAJUKENBO in Pflugerville. 

Their mission is to enhance and build confidence, leadership skills, and respect for each other through the teachings and traditions of Martial Arts. It is a family-friendly environment where traditional Taekwondo and modern Kajukenbo are taught. They provide a safe environment for our students, where they can learn and grow to become future leaders.

Pflugerville Martial Arts Academy

Pflugerville Martial Arts Academy offers mainly Karate and self-defense classes for both adults and kids in Pflugerville. This school is conveniently located in a strip mall and has a good size parking lot. They also offer after-school programs as well as Karate birthday parties. The classes are taught by Kyoshi Ken Morgan and focus on mastering 3D’s which are:

1- Defend Themselves

2- Defeat The Attacker

3- Disable Further Attack

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